BCI Urges Acceleration of Climate Policy Action, With Emerging Technologies To Play A Role

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Response to latest United Nations IPCC Climate Report which delivers a global reality check on the dire situation of climate change

16 August 2021, London, UK: In response to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report on Climate Change, Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI), a think-tank providing leading expertise in deployment of emerging technologies for climate action, joins the international civil society in taking the stance that acceleration of climate action is critical, given the clarity that human influence affects the future course of climate.  

Alastair Marke, BCI Director-General, asserts the urgency for government action, “The IPCC Report underlines that the climate emergency is at tipping point and the upcoming COP26 in no uncertain terms need to accelerate tangible action. Negotiations are stalling not for lack of will but because governments are unclear on how to implement the bold actions needed.” 

“From green financing and micro-emissions trading to carbon tariffs, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done at the climate policy level, but implementation has been lagging. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and other emerging technologies offer a viable solution to this impasse.”    

BCI has recognised this knowledge gap for some time and, at inception, has committed to raising awareness of and building capacities in the use of DLT and other emerging technologies among the stakeholders in the international climate change policy community. Working with a number of governments and inter-governmental organisations, BCI has progressed strongly in supporting the development of favourable regulatory environment and launching real-world applications of DLT for a variety of climate actions. 

In a recent open letter to the G20, Michael Stock, BCI Deputy Director-General, highlights the need for a more ambitious Green Fintech approach, following the G7 lack of achievement on new climate finance commitments. Read the letter here.  

“Politicians, civil society and business must come together to build awareness of the potential of these new technologies and ensure the world invests in them.  It is our collective responsibility to drive the change needed before it is too late,” adds Adam Gagen, BCI Head of Advocacy and Government Relations. 


About BCI  

Founded in 2017, the Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) is a progressive think-tank providing leading expertise in the deployment of emerging technologies for climate and sustainability actions. Spanning an international network of over 140 scientific and technological experts, BCI is at the forefront of innovative efforts to create a sustainable and clean global future. BCI is committed to effecting positive change through supporting the climate change policy community and enhancing state and non-state climate actions through targeted technological interventions.  

For more information, visit www.blockchainclimate.org.