New book reveals blockchain solutions to fight climate change

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Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains is a new book exploring the vital role blockchain technology can play in fighting climate change. It is published by Elsevier today (2 July 2018).

Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Bloackchains

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that records information on multiple different computers at once in a way that ensures both incorruptibility and transparency. It has the potential to revolutionise currency, government, and corporations -and the  climate  as well, through facilitating renewable energy grids, accelerating international climate finance, and empowering consumers to make climate-conscious decisions. It can cut bureaucracy and create the trust and verification necessary for effective climate investment.

A collaboration of over 40 climate and blockchain experts from more than 20 countries, Transforming Climate Finance  and Green Investment with Blockchains may be the world’s first book to explore the ways in which this revolutionary ‘trust machine’ can scale and speed up international climate finance flows so important to our planet’s survival.

The book aims to fill the gap in understanding this transformative technology and delve into the multiple use cases across the spectrum of climate action. Chapters include blockchain applications in renewable energy smart grids, climate finance transfers, clean technology transfers, carbon markets, the enforcement of green finance regulations, and much more.

Some reviews:

“Blockchains, or more broadly distributed ledger technologies, hold a great potential to spur innovation in a wide range of areas including peer-to-peer renewable energy trading, supply chain management, land titles, and climate finance and investments.
Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains can play an important role to raise awareness and to provide in-depth academic insights on these emerging [exponential] technologies and their applications in the context of the urgent response needed to address climate change.” – Alexandre Gellert Paris, United Nations Climate Change Secretariat.

“Blockchain technology has significant potential to increase confidence in asset ownership, improve transparency and enhance efficiency and effectiveness in support of the World Bank Group’s goal to eradicate extreme poverty. We see interesting
applications to accelerate decarbonization and broaden and deepen carbon markets through innovative solutions enabled by blockchain technology. This book is a valuable contribution to a debate which is starting to engage institutions, policy makers and practitioners.” – James Close, Former Director of Climate Change, World Bank.

“Digital ledger technologies offer the potential to transform the way we store, exchange, and record economic value and will develop over the same time period as the Sustainable Development Goals. This important book marks an early milestone in
our understanding of how blockchain can play a role in confronting climate change, and will remain a key reference for policymakers to understand the potential this transformation will make possible.” – Darius Nassiry, Former Adviser to the Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute.

The book is available on major book sales sites. To learn more about this publication and its contents, please visit Elsevier’s website here.