Key takeaways from COP26

It is worth bearing in mind that COP negotiations are not the only way to find solutions to global problems. What COP does is reaffirm the signals that negotiators have been sending to markets. I believe markets had got the message that coal’s days were numbered even before Glasgow. And they already regarded fossil fuel investments as risky. Of course, whether markets pull out of fossil fuels altogether and the rate they do so depends on many factors including, national policies. So governments need to step up to the plate with a realistic carbon price and end fossil subsidies.

BCI Events at COP26

Emerging Technology for Climate Action #BCI4COP26 BCI is participating in the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, hosting meetings and a series of side events such as round-tables and panel discussions involving key decision makers in the climate policy landscape. The COP26 summit aims to bring parties together to accelerate …

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