Work Streams

Capacity Building

BCI aims to build the abilities of establishments who play a part in climate policy. This can include providing advisory services, technical knowledge and skills to the likes of non-profit organisations and government bodies. Through webinars and other engagement activities, BCI will be raising awareness of blockchain technology’s tremendous potential to strengthen action on climate change and will encourage collaboration with a variety of organisations.

Technology Information

BCI will amplify the spread of information surrounding blockchain and emerging digital technologies amongst the community who play key roles in climate change policy. We will support the UNFCCC Technology Transfer Framework as we strive to achieve wide-reaching awareness and understanding of the most current and relevant happenings in the technological realm.

Enabling Environments

BCI supports in the creation of future policy, legal and administrative opportunities which will enable the deployment of blockchain and emerging digital technologies which are important in developing a climate focused finance sector. We further will advocate for or advise on removing certain policies, legal and administrative barriers which prevent development in the global climate finance area.

Mechanisms for Technology Transfers

BCI provides support for the development or transition to blockchain solutions, promoting research and encouraging working partnerships. This provides a boost in confidence in digital technologies, and indicates the significant potential to strengthen the work towards climate change mitigation.